• ISSUE #3 ft Brent Walsh, Jackal Trades, Why Everyone Left, Arkdown, MVCC, B**** Hawk, Tom Vevers, Haiku Garden, U-FOES, Gravelle, Rare Breed, Garlands, Chaos Over Cosmos + The Shan
  • ISSUE #2 ft As Everything Unfolds, Smoking Martha, SUPA & Da Kryptonites, Novacrow, Delayed Departure, Leonov, Whispering Sons, Pirate Copy, Kyp Harness, Benjamin Blue, Watershape, King Kobalt, Slester + Paper Machine Music
  • ISSUE #1 ft. The Virginmarys, Mt Doubt, Katee Kross, Sisteray, Andy McBride, Seasonal, Coast To Coast, Just About Done, Starry Skies, Belle Plaine, Darker Days, Access Icarus, IdKid, Siblings Of Us + The Sunny Devils