REVIEW | Halfway Hope – Pretty


From the ashes of Summer City comes Halfway Hope, and they have delivered something truly special with the debut release under this new moniker, titled Pretty.

Each track is jammed with a mixture of spirited vocals, dynamic guitars and bouncy, high-octane rhythms.

The energy throughout is just off the hook, providing a rampant rush that never, ever simmers.

Simply put, this EP is infectiously awesome, and you can bet that we still have this one on repeat.



Murder Girl, Abstractly Perfect

REVIEW | Layover – Your Laughter Never Leaves

Layover Artwork

After hiding in the shadows for the past two years, distinguished Birmingham emo quartet Layover have returned with some new material packaged up in the form of Your Laughter Never Leaves (available on Friday 4th May).

The melodies of each song are zealous and get the old pulse racing like nothing else, guaranteed to keep the listener hooked all the way.

The harmonies have a walloping passion behind them, and the rest of the group give a tight showing too.

An insanely great record from end to end that never wears thin with respective listens. It’s official – Layover are back in business, and better than ever before.



Slumber, Hunger Pains, Your Laughter Never Leaves

REVIEW | Elessar – Is This All We Are


One of Gloucester’s finest acts Elessar return with their second EP – Is This All We Are.

Each track on offer brings us some slick riffs, good beats and ample writing.

There is a driving energy that is consistent throughout, reaching an optimum during the stand out choruses.

While bringing little to nothing new to the table, this is a perfectly solid record from a capable band that warrants a listen or two.



Stay, Half Love, Careless

REVIEW | Bethany Wappler – Battles


Six months after her debut release Moments, Bethany Wappler has quickly followed up with a new EP entitled Battles.

Her harmonies are just exquisite and carry plenty of emotion, not to mention she is evidently skilled with the guitar in tow.

The songs themselves have nice melodies, the writing is decent and there is a warm atmosphere continually present.

A very fine record from yet another fine musician to emerge from Perthshire.



Stay, Tomorrow

REVIEW | Equals – 1997

Equals-1997-Cover lo

On the heels of a growing popularity, London duo Equals have delivered their debut album – 1997 – featuring an array of tracks defined by smooth, immersive grooves.

James’ writing is consistently strong, Ade’s harmonies have fervent gusto and the production is generally top notch.

Many contributors play a part too, with the most prominent being Awks, whose vocals on Husk and No Right are just stunning.

Not every song makes a mark, but as a whole, this is an enthralling funk record that leaves little doubt about Equals’ stance as one of the capital’s most promising pairs.



Triumph, Psalm For The Shadows, Hi-Def Retro, Letter To Leave, Husk

REVIEW | Eva Plays Dead – The Fix


It’s been 3 years since Midland rockers Eva Plays Dead last delivered a record, and since then, they have seen their turbulent share of ups and downs, with positives such as successful singles and memorable shows plastered between ongoing personal struggles that particular members have bravely fought behind the scenes.

But the wait is now over, as they’ve battling through the trials and promoted a fruitful campaign to give us a brand new EP, titled The Fix.

They burst out with Spin, perhaps the most lucrative tune in their arsenal. Courtesy of a mammoth energy and a bloody colossal performance from Tee, they kick off in electric fashion. They retain the buzz heading into Get Back, which dons an averse tone.

Colours reaches its peak during the chorus, featuring great riffs and a throbbing beat, not to mention some cracking vocals once again. Bones is loud, brash and really catchy, and conveys plenty of animosity through the fiercely blunt writing. Lastly, the closing track Monogomy is driven by a sweet, thrumming rhythm that is heavy on the bass.

The Fix is everything we hoped for it to be. A mixture of tight musical displays, an infectiously wild intensity and layered depth help make this a staggering return to form for one of the hottest rock acts in the English underground on the go today.



Chapters EP cover low res

Now here’s an act that we are more than familiar with. Bedford rockers SEASONS first came to our attention in 2016 with the release of their self-titled debut EP that earned them the approval of fans and press across the board, and a similar result was achieved with the follow-up, What Goes Around.

Two years on, the guys are back and better than ever, preparing to make their biggest splash yet with their third record – Chapters.

It takes literally seconds for them to knock the socks off with Getaway. The chief hook is hellishly addictive, and is boosted by a driving bass line, but they are only getting started, as One Last Night keeps the power high with an energetic rhythm and spirited chorus.

The guitars get a hoist in the title number, where the lyrics also make an impression, and there are spots of neat electronics in the midst of it all. The writing again delivers in Feel Alive, and they close out the EP in strong fashion with Consequences, further fueled by passionate harmonies.

No surprises here. Chapters is a top-notch record with a non-stop flow of buzz and staggering fervor throughout the entire duration. SEASONS have been long overdue a break into success, and we feel this is the ideal gateway to exactly that.