#7: PURE LUXURY (23/7/20)

ft. Nzca Lines, Wrest, Defences, Jacob Melton, Yard Arms, Half Past Two, Lost Like Lions + Black Lesion

#6: NEW WAYS OF LIVING (19/7/20)

ft. The Winter Passing, The Human Veil, Foot, Chuchoter, Karobela, Jane Blanchard, AR Pinewood + Trade Secrets

#5: WHITE NOISE (15/7/20)

ft. Haxan, Rachel Jack, Paper Rifles, Be My Enemy, Barbara Black, Cocktails, Macatier + Carbrain

#4: MADE FOR EACH OTHER (12/7/20)

ft. The Muldoons, Josh Okeefe, Baby Taylah, Wren, New Language, Pot Nudos, Pam Risourie + J Rankin


ft. Tiberius, Voodoos, Maya Delilah, The Venomous Pinks, Ferric, Analog Kid, Felixity + Paul Dickson

#2: READY STEADY BANG (5/7/20)

ft. Bugeye, Kitti, Calling All Astronauts, Happy Spendy, Lloyd James Fay, Connor Spratt, Project Revise + Second Arrows

#1: BAIKAL (1/7/20)

ft. Asian Death Crustacean, Be Charlotte, Moyka, Paper Mill, Stoned Immaculate, New Ghost, Sane & Lowpass Luke + Seafern