SMS #98 | The Skinner Brothers – Skippin’ On The Cream


The guys begin brilliantly with the ruddy excellent Dynamite, complete with fuzzy riffs, a great bassline, a steady catchy beat, Zach’s versed vocals, and an insanely memorable chorus that’ll get you singing along before you are even done with the first listen. The title track follows at a more chilled pace but with a drawing buzz still undoubtedly persisting, and the love-based lyrics are simple enough yet entertain nicely, and On The Weekend finishes things off with a hopping bounce while the guitars awe with cool expositions and the writing engages quite well.

Don’t let the “B-Side” label or the fact that this is a quick little EP fool you into thinking this will be nothing more than a mere second-rate distraction, because this is a cracking 3 part collection with every tune bringing the quality goods on the same level that you’d expect from the band’s pair of Soul Boy albums. 2022 was another triumphant score for The Skinner Brothers that was polished off by this gainful EP, and it’s a safe bet 2023 will present more wins on the horizon.

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