SMS #97 | Liela Moss – Internal Working Model


Liela strikes out of the gates in amazing fashion with Empathy Files, her voice both radiating a lush essence that’s pleasing to the ears and carrying this real serious weight as she reflects on how openly accessible our data and even our inner emotions are in this current technology-enforced state, all while the song sinks in and sticks to you with its calm yet indescribably addictive chorus and a mesmerising ambience.

The energy begins to increase a little in the fluorescently flowing and wonderfully synth-sprinkled Woo, and that goes for Liela’s vocal capacity too, then the shimmering Vanishing Shadows thoroughly encapsulates that uncomfortable sensation of being stuck in a mentally dark place as you’re further fed endless adverse thoughts, and this is where Liela enlists the help of her first guest – the legendary Gary Numan – and just wow, their dual harmonies match up superlatively.

The Wall From The Floor is chillingly quiet to begin with before switching to this remarkably ominous tone which fits well with the scenario of being lost, uncertainty and dragged down by anxiety as you fight hard to be in your ideal place, then Liela flashes back to childhood with Ache In The Middle, and is overcome with regret as she wishes she could make changes to the past, thus creating this effectually sombre and sympathetic number that is doubly boosted by Jehnny Bath joining in with her own heart-tugging chimes.

New Day is another cut that gets the goosebumps materialising, and is immeasurably heartfelt in its encouraging, supportive message as Liela’s puts on her most beautiful vocal display yet. Come And Find Me is pushed by such a satiating, fiercely infectious pelvic-shaking rhythm, and Welcome To It isn’t far off that distinction either, plus the lyrics are great in regard to fighting your demons and striving to detach from them and make that long overdue positive change. Dhani Harrison then makes his presence marvellously felt in the glamorously glittery finale, Love As Hard As You Can, which has you smiling with a newfound inspiriting hope growing inside.

The third album from the London artist is a stellar and fascinating deep dive into one’s self, exploring every last inch of mental and emotional being, honestly shining a light on the suffering faults and hardships, and that desire to escape these poisonous pains, which I can certainly relate to and I’m confident others share the same sentiment, and Liela manifests these experience through an exceptionally gripping and well produced array of songs.

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