SMS #95 | Robot Death Monkey – Intergalatic Party Powder


Things are immediately off to a cracking start with the fully instrumental Bantha Rider, featuring staunch grungy bass tones, fantastically energetic riffs and solid drum work, and Asgardian Micro Whitey is likewise a tonne of fun, especially with its distinctly shifting groove on the go, a banging chorus, rabid solos, and the introduction of the great stout vocals.

Dragon Cl*t is not only gorgeously named, but the drumming is stepped up to elite form and boosts the rhythm to a vital degree which, in twine with the ever impressive guitars, results in another pure stomper here, which brings us to the finale, Kittens And Coke, where the tempo is smashed up to a ripping pace and the lyrics are massively entertaining.

This was my first exposure to the long-running Edinburgh rocky-grungy machine, and I just have to ask where the hell have these guys been in my life? This EP is a delightfully smashing affair from top to bottom, and I’d happily stick it on any time I’m in the mood for some splendorous first-class stoner metal.

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