SMS #93 | PaperSailor – Pictures Of Black Holes


Straight away, you find yourself enamoured by Hip-Hop Wizard, with its combo of thick chords, pumping beat and sweet chords convincing you to sit down and stick around for the forthcoming ride, and Needles & Switch Blades proves that to be the correct choice, being a sensationally dynamic and hectic-paced banger that fires you up to the highest of highs.

The title track follows and continues to display this awesome massive sense of scale, and also includes a great vocal hook, then hot damn, the rugged guitars and frenzied drums are mighty good in Normal Vs Normal, and amusingly fitted cybernetic voice clips are interlaced into the properly explosive Weirdo-Crazy Robot Lady where it is absolutely impossible to resist headbanging along like a madman.

Sway serves as a nice easy-going settled break in between the rambunctious hitters, then out of nowhere, BOOM, we launch back into another of said rambunctious hitters with Your God Is Lying To You, highlighted by Rachel’s Best phenomenal guest showing in the unbelievable chorus.

Human Woman blasts through at a brisk speed and is reinforced by both blinding electronics and perhaps Michael’s most resolute singing yet, Techno Hell feels big with its loaded multi-layer instrumentals and overdubs, and Michael proceeds to deliver his most heartfelt content in the strong Lake Alkaline.

The Glaswegian alt-rock artist Michael Wilson is a one man tour der force, who quite visibly makes such an effort in his music, producing these tracks that are equal parts creative, unpredictable and breath-taking. He’s seriously underrated, and more people need to be talking about PaperSailor.

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