SMS #92 | Swept To Sea – Tides


Following on from the dark instrumental prologue Reign Of Terror, the band get well and truly under way with Crown In Ashes, a brawny, beastly track surrounding the fight against the corrupt higher powers, and alongside the great writing they lash out with strong growling vocal work, pulsating bass/drum combos and superb diversifying guitars across the board, then Hell Called Home charges at a potently active clip and is equipped with a rocking chorus and sweet solos.

The singing in Shards Of Your Reflection boasts this really effective supplementary viciousness and has your attention tightly locked to the theme of crippling your being, and meanwhile the outfit mix it up sonically with nice use of pianos and the like in a couple of spots. Unbridled is not only a blistering breakdown fest but ranks high as easily one of the most insanely goddamn catchy metal numbers churned out in 2022, and to wrap up, they get aggressively in your face with the assertive stormer Tides Will Turn.

This debut EP is an astounding smash success effort from the growing San Francisco metalcore squad, with nothing but big waves made top to bottom. Definitely ones to keep an eye on, I predict their presence will be felt all the wider as we proceed through 2023.

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