SMS #91 | The Cope – The Cope


I Am Stretched On Your Grave enters with smooth synth noise, subsequently joined by warm pitch-shifted harmonies which give us a memorable hook, then a pretty pleasing beat and finally bursting into a dazzling flourish topped by these really nice high electronic notes. True Romance is headlined by these valid, sentimental words of both love and heartache, and the song in general has this compelling vibe which induces some steady, swaying dancing from the listeners, then the last of the bunch End Of Time begins in a cowed fashion before picking it up to give us another sonically satisfying and memorable tune, as well as more interesting lyrics.

The Dublin-based coalition do more than enough in a limited timespan to create a respectable impression, with all three tracks on this EP leaving fantastic payoffs in one way or another. The Cope have been garnering some decent attention, and that’s for good reason, because judging by the result here, they could easily emerge as an elemental mainstream act in the Irish scene.

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