SMS #90 | The Three Sum – Kingdom Fall


Holy sh*t, if you want the ideal model example on how to start a record right, then look no further than Long Live The King, which raises your hairs and heightens all known senses with a wickedly huge sound, a relentlessly shaking power and impressively large vocals, amongst other great qualities, and the guys refuse to hold back as they move on to Fade To Black, which gives us a really enjoyable and yoking chorus in addition to decent breakout bass work and rich string-esque synths

They stampede their way through the intoxicatingly rhythmic Coming After You at a snappy stride and escalate the excitement to a roaring peak with sure-fire headbanging aplenty on the audience’s behalf. Your Worst Lullaby has such a grand, symphonic character to it which assists in accentuating the emotional value of the writing, and the title song provides a rousing, sweeping conclusion, both musically and lyrically.

In one fell swoop, the Swiss rock trio make a hell of an awesome dent with an EP that pushes their talents to the outer limits, reminding veteran fans and also educating rookies like myself as to why they are such a dominant force in their country’s scene, and I’m already deeply hungry for more.

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