SMS #89 | Scarred – Patience


Deliberate foreboding drums set the scene in High And Slow, followed up by these engagingly subdued spoken words and guitar notes faintly growing in the background until we come to the closing third where that brooding dark tone reaches its apex and carries through up to the end. The Second Cup afterwards takes it to the next level with a blend of frightening faded yells and eerily screechy instrumentation.

Following a brief silence, these broad tribal beats fill the air to commence Patience itself, and the intensity continuously grows with more elements thrown in including these effective menacing chants. The tune just builds and builds, keeping you glued to your seat, making for an all-around superb 10 minute number, and lastly is With All The Love I Withheld, which eases the pace once more and is doubly characterised by the great harmonies and gripping lyrics.

At the start of 2021, the Luxembourg prog-metal outfit popped into my sonar out of nowhere and blew me away with their phenomenal self-titled LP, which eventually ranked as one of my best records across the board of that year, and this EP once again makes an impressive statement. Patience sees the group focus towards a more experimental direction with emphasis on mood and atmosphere as opposed to just unleashing heavy pandemonium as they’ve efficiently done in the past, and it pays off in dividends, proving to be investing and showing an enlarged versatility. It’s crazy how such an immense group like Scarred haven’t got a bigger following already by this point, they have amassed nothing but golden results from the beginning and their talents should be publicly more recognised.

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