SMS #88 | Star Circus – Separate Sides


The band cinch your attention quick with a beguiling intro which eventually breaks into the opener Save Your Life, a cracking track sure to persuade curious listeners with its rad power-style keys, cool guitars and a damn memorable chorus, ultimately assuring them that they made the right choice choosing this album. Something careers with a prosperous upbeat melody and a generally inspiring disposition, with Just Like In A Movie producing parallel vibes while gladdening with fun lyrics and a terrific spurt of sax. The anti-romantic bop Love Is The Enemy is ridiculously catchy and chock full of spirit from everybody involved, but then the pace is reduced to a medium tempo for the solidly wavy and idyllic cut On Your Side, and the emotions continue to ring heartily in Circles.

A fresh and efficient blend of electric and acoustic chords prominently feature in Wall Around Your Heart, and on top of that we get zealous singing, and the attachable writing, bright pianos and sweet hooks are the focal points of the reverent A Couple More Years. The rhythm section put on an ace display in Bridges, and the riffs also emerge with some brilliant exhibitions in the later minutes. The filthier boorish tone of Times Get Tough satisfyingly hits the spot, and they leave you with a motivational itch on the inside with the enlivening Before The Song Is Over.

A undeniably glorious debut from the London hard rock crew, uniformed by this modern sensibility varnished with a glammy 80s scent and a focus on romantic lyrical content which serves them well as they successfully trade between poppy buzzes and heavy jaunts at frequent intervals.

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