SMS #84 | Hertz – School For Hypocrites


Hertz lunge headfirst into Broken Toys with a faded siren and a fluttering of drums before upping the ante for an overall fiery opener donning a brilliantly dynamic chorus, and Rot is just as rewarding with its forceful riffs, cool deep bass tones, and seriously robust, raging vocal work.

The band really home in on their emo influences through the noteworthy lyrics of You’re So Fragile, where a series of painful experiences result in mental sensitivity, loss of confidence and destructive personal behaviour.

The rhythm section boot up the intensity for a kick ass showcase in Bad Day, which is on the whole another rousing track that serves as a platform for spilling out a lot of resentment and frustration, and the guys cross the finish line in damn fine style with the great, memorable and animosity-stocked Dirty Lies, complete with a nice guitar solo and all that.

I’m more than happy with my latest lucrative discovery from Wales, a country well renowned for its awesome heavy scene, as this quality EP proves that Hertz will be ones to keep a close eye on heading into 2023.

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