SMS #83 | Rachel Jack – Grief Is The Price


It begins on a solemn note with the gracefully performed Colour Me Unimpressed, about attaching all your love and ambitions onto somebody else, but they soon disappear and you’re left in an uncertain status, unsure of where to go and what to do with herself. Rachel’s singing is so striking and you truly feel for her.

In My Life takes aim at those who believe they know you better than you do, your behaviour, your actions, your viewpoints, your own physical being even, which is of course all total nonsense, as nobody knows yourself better than, well, yourself, and got to say too that the closing moments are so lively and large and just altogether wow you.

The Hardest Part has an enjoyable sweeping swell, and exclaims how difficult it is to forgive those who have hurt you, the record’s namesake number is a heartwarming piece, as Rachel pays tribute to her late grandad in beautiful befitting fashion, and lastly From The Inside details reminiscing on past memories and the tragic downfall that has come out of life ever since those happier days.

Rachel Jack has quite frankly never been better, all five songs on this astoundingly impactful EP are touching and poignant, she’s not afraid to reveal her hurt and sadness, and her transparent honesty has to be commended, they are topics that unfortunately many of us can relate to, so I can definitely recommend this one, and if you loved her previous works, this is guaranteed to make a deep lasting impression also.

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