SMS #82 | Forgotten Sons – Forgotten Sons


Right off the bat, Forgotten Sons showcase some potent writing in Flipside, based around the war against mental health, and the poor souls who end up suffering alone through trying to hide their issues instead of seeking or accepting help, and a major positive sticking out is the considerate and tolerant tone behind the singing, with a firm awareness of the situation at hand.

Socials is energised with good guitar work, and goes into our human spirit being drained and our minds warped by becoming overly attached and obsessed to social media, especially the current generation who’ve most likely spent the majority of their lives logged on and desperately wanting to feed off the love and attention of others.

The highlight of the sorrowful Wasteland Mindset is the explosively impassioned chorus where the band reach their highest heights yet, spotlighting that horrible sense of becoming lost and all hope being extinguished, and the emotional acoustic finale I’m Fine sees at last an open, public cry for help after becoming so physically torn down from overwhelming negative experiences, realising that it’d only be harder to go at it alone.

The Shetland pop rock group have always been on solid form since their emergence, and damn, they have seriously stepped up with this record; a fantastic and pulverising EP that hits hard with a difficult but much needed reflection on the tough inner struggles so many of us have to deal with on a daily basis, with emphasis on the results that could come to pass if we don’t take the opportunity to ask for assistance and get ourselves back on our feet.

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