SMS #81 | The Deadline Shakes – Documentaries


Immediately, I lean in close and curious thanks to the sublime titular introduction that begins quietly with a dramatic flair to it before bursting into elation, a mood that slips through into the pure jumping and melodically wonderful I’ve Really Got Some News, with a dose of buoyant pianos, cool guitars and a bustling electricity in the air that gets you intoxicated.

Ditching Of The Roses floats along so satisfyingly, and the singing is proper excellent, then we have the heartbreak-centred Dream Dye commencing in a muted milieu, slowly but surely increasing in scope and tempo towards a rocking finish. The writing continues to serve well in Yes And No Answers as it targets that anxious uncertainty of figuring out what the right thing to do is

Puter You is one of those belting tunes that’s tailormade for dancing and swinging along to, and the ripely funky Heavy Baby induces similar sensations, especially with its ungodly amazing chorus. Limoncello opens quite smooth and balletic, and they pretty much retain that general vibe through the whole song where the piano work again proves to be awfully spiffing.

I’ll Be An Aeroplane is really lively while holding onto a steady tempo, with the focal point being the undisputedly class keys, Hold is a scintillating ballad with heaps of feeling riding behind it, and they drive off with the exuberant Mid-Air And Moonlight.

After a multiple year stretch of silence, the Glasgow pop-rock crew have smashed back onto the scene in 2022 with resounding success, mainly down to this superb sophomore album that is immensely appealing across the board, with no noticeable weak links to be found between the diverse variety of high quality numbers all worthy of getting stuck into and enjoyed, leaving it impossible to finish up a full spin of this record without a cheesy smile on your face.

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