SMS #76 | King Violet – Do Me A Favour


The rock quartet have been getting a buzz around them in the Manchester scene, although they’re an act I only came to know of just recently, but after checking out their debut EP, I think I’m gonna hang around for a while because I’m liking what I’m hearing.

A rip of drums and a hearty yell kick off The Pedant, with the best elements including a cracking bass line, a vivid energy and a killer chorus. The writing’s great too, calling out somebody on their BS, thinking they can sneak about all doo-dally behind your back and not expecting to get caught. Brightest Eyes is a splendidly melodic track with the vocals echoing the sense of hesitance and uncertainty in the lyrics.

Tya from the get-go is a satisfying raw fuzzy number, and they definitely don’t reel back being directly upfront at the not so civil customer who caused deep hurt, and the rumbling hostility of the sound matches up to a tee, perfectly slipping through into the closing title song, reflecting on the priorly discussed experiences, and in-between the laidback verses, they reach awesomely vigorous and exciting heights, making for an astonishing finish.

A great debut record from a great band who make a great impression with great talents finely exhibited across four great songs…the bottom line is, King Violet are great.

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