SMS #75 | Miirrors – Lookout


Alright, let’s get some electro pop on the go with Miirrors and their spicy debut EP. Earlier this year, we witnessed the meeting of two minds I’ve respected for a while now, Craig Russell Horne and Chris Greig, both known for their previous endeavours involving merchants and such. I figured we’d get positive results from this pairing, and positive results we did get.

Lookout itself is up first, featuring a nice flow, neat fresh synths sparkling around and the dual harmonies working so well off each other. Second is Who Is She and it has a tight salacious beat to it, and whether on your feet or sat down comfortably, you’re guaranteed to be shimmying side to side to the contagious pulse. Feeling Much Better is the most lyrically distinct of the lot, about escaping from a rough negative rut and getting yourself to a much more positive headspace.

And the best is saved for last for sure with Not Living Without You, I mean goddamn, talk about unbelievably intoxicating. This is a track that is disgustingly catchy with an overwhelming 80’s funk vibe surrounding it, the chorus is smashing, and oh lord, the saxophone is sexy beyond belief. It’s a perfectly constructed piece to wrap up an astonishing debut from the boys who are off to a hot start, now let’s see how they carry that forth heading into the new year.

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