SMS #74 | Primes – Colour


Falkirk’s pride and joy have been on the go for a number of years, they’re a cracking quartet, and after what’s seemed like forever, we finally have a debut EP here, and it’s a good yin.

Little Pieces is enjoyable with its bright guitar melody and bass line, and the chorus gets you jumping as the band go full welly, so an altogether promising starter, and the good times keep on rolling with Redesign, the harmonies in particular have such a magnificent sense of life to them, in turn heightening the listener’s investment.

Paper In The Rain has a tasty rhythm section going which gives the song an extra kick in its step that rubs off on you, and the buzz somehow only grows and grows, as Talk Too Much is a zealous riot that’s pure addictive, everything just clicks here.

But after all that regaling, they reel it down for Colour, which is quite pleasant and soulful, and the words have an appealing warmth to them. Of course, they return to their embodiment with the finale Here Right Now, which is all about moving forward, the group encouraging to forget the past and make the most of the present, not to waste a minute and to make every moment count, it’s fab stuff.

Primes’ Colour is an incredibly fun, engaging and lively record all around; no surprise, there; it’s a wee blast, and you should get them checked out if you haven’t already.

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