SMS #72 | Russell Stewart – Into View


The Glasgow alt-soul artist I’ve known dating back to 2017. I first laid eyes on him opening for Fenella at the 13th Note, and the man has done real well for himself going from strength to strength ever since and earning plenty respect from his peers, and he might have just outdone himself here with this record, and when I say might, I mean definitely outdone himself.

Align digs into uncertain trust issues and the like causing a rift with another person and it becomes a frustrating and saddening cycle. The production on this tune is class as it blossoms over the minutes, and Russell’s vocal work is absolute top notch, whether calmly flowing or firing out his words in quick succession. You Move Me streams along to a warm smooth beat as Russell desperately tries to show his appreciation for his loved one and wants to be united, but sadly to no avail.

Sleeplessness perfectly nails the grievance of dealing with insomnia; as an insomniac myself, I relate hard; the instrumentals used on this one are proper unreal and fit the mood to a tee, and the backing harmonies are lovely too, and finally there’s Inward, with Russell effectively unveiling all his inner plights and struggles, venting so much after bottling up for so long, with a mission set to make a difference and improve his life for the better.

Into View is a winner, with Russell Stewart putting in such an effort and having it pay off. He’s a talented performer, and the writing is really spotlighted, with the lyrics being co-written with Amelia of Ninth Wave fame, they make for an excellent team and I’d like to see more of them as a combo. Russell, you did good, my man.

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