SMS #70 | Shredd – The Place Unknown


Oh aye, I still remember clearly when the garage rock trio burst onto the Scottish scene, from the start they were promising and have only fulfilled those promises many a time in the last few years. It’s been a while coming but they finally have a full-length beast, and yet again, they deliver on their potential.

Run Away They’re Here is a ferociously dynamic introduction, with deafening drums, rumbling bass, sharp fuzzy guitar chords and great vocals. It’s catchy, it’s energetic, it’s hands down one of the best openers I’ve witnessed this year, and they continue to rattle your eardrums with the raw and noisy The Collector, switching it up in the third quarter for some jazzy groovy goodness. Feel It has a nice steady draft, decent writing, a notable hook and great riffs on show.

Lights Out is absolutely superb, it has a damn addictive kick to it that’ll get you dancing, the rhythm section especially, oof, those two kill it here. But wait, it gets even better, for up next is Parasite, a candidate for their greatest tune ever, another one that’s just contagiously catchy as all hell. It delivers an unforgettable chorus, it’s loaded with so much unbridled intensity that’s off the scale while the three members go in 100% in their performances, it’s nothing short of brilliant.

Things simmer down; well, a touch anyway; for I’m Your Nightmare, which features quite a solid atmospheric quality lingering in the air that goes hand in hand with the lyrics. Enigma is led by vibrant singing and an engaging hopping melody, and god damn, you are correct to assume I’m intensely shaking my hips along to the ridiculously irresistible Leaving Me There To Drown, yet another that just consumes you, with more of that hot stupefying energy coming en mass with Falling Behind, and carrying over into the hooking wrap up number The Place Unknown and it’s top notch chorus.

Shredd are among the most exciting Scottish rock acts I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and it must be said that this album is indescribably sensational stuff, bell to bell an unfathomable rollercoaster that’ll fire you up to the nth degree and leave you totally out of breath by its conclusion. I love it, I love it, I bloody love it.

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