SMS #106 | Temple Bellum – Vol 2


Things are under way satisfyingly with Gaining Tones, helmed by a cool roaming rhythm and solid guitar work, and the chorus is fairly memorable as well, while the next offering Sonic Commando is defined by some delightfully grungy tones that properly hit the spot. Goodbye Mr Fish is handily the best yet with an infectiously explosive energy that snaps you to attention.

After that madness, a welcome breather is taken in Victory, adorned with a tidy bassline and a nicely poised beat. We get plenty more fine riffs in Arguing With Scarecrows alongside some inventive lyrics, and the ante is again hoisted for the feverish final tune No Levels All Bosses to close up another sufficient release from the Scottish rock newcomers who have made a pretty decent impression so far throughout their rookie year.

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