SMS #105 | Masser – Chain Of Gifts


The prologue Purity cinches you immediately with its sheerly haunting vibe that sparks all the tingles, then out of nowhere, they launch into this incredibly maniacal charge with the titular track, a massively heavy thumper headed by superb vocal work that totally has you blown sideways. The writing gets a chance to shine with the engrossing Amber Flame, inspiring to dig deep down inside, unearth that sense of hope and use that as motivation to push your way through the darkest of days

The initial weighty power is restored in The Fortress, with great riffs and a banging chorus to show for it, and Immolation Of The Sacred Grove is herded by an utterly fetching rhythm which suddenly unloads into this immeasurable stampede during the wild closing moments, plus the number is lightly drizzled in this subtle yet effective overhanging atmosphere.

A dark ambient cloud makes it presence felt in the tight and intense Dogs Of War, and the fantastic Innocence exhibits probably the most enthralling singing of the whole record, which is saying a lot, and the lyrics once again are steadfast and absorbing, dictating how people can find themselves hanging on that thread between good and evil.

This EP from the London atmos-metalcore project is about as phenomenal of a debut that you could ask for. I still vividly remember my first listen where I was taken aback and practically knocked off my feet, and that sensation was sure as hell not lost on me on the sequential repeats. I’m bloody well impressed by Masser, and once you sink your teeth into Chain Of Gifts, you will be too.

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