SMS #104 | Ross Little – Corrimony


A warmth fills the air as Stac is birthed through swell piano keys and gentle guitar chords, not long after intermixed with such pleasant pipes that, altogether combined, flow along to a relaxed melody. Old Corrimony yet again forges an endearingly latching atmosphere that elevates the mood, and the strings are simply wonderful, with the main chorus hook being the highlight, and afterwards is Shallager, an enticing jazz-infused piece that gets you sitting back comfortably and at complete ease, with more enjoyable piano work as well as suave basslines.

Ross showcases a polished hybrid style in Carnoch, blending qualities of both jazz and Celtic folk quite seamlessly, and I like how the size and scale develops and grows as the minutes pass. Reflection stands out from the pack with the inclusion of beautiful harmonies that give the song a chilling feel, and lastly, Ross brings it home with the positively bustling Suidh Ghuirmein.

The kudos and acclaim centred around Ross Little prove to be true and very much warranted, as the Edinburgh session maestro puts his talents on display in accomplished fashion with a delightful EP that serves as an orphic escape.

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