SMS #103 | Garlands – Imagine I Was This Tall


Rita makes an appealing first impression, being a dainty little number with a nice pulse cemented by a great chorus and stellar sincere harmonies, and Second Day Skin has an even more wonderful moxie, and a big part of that is the utterly charming and wholesome writing which gets you smiling silly. The lyrics of How A Kid Sees It are pretty provocative and get you thinking about how we as adults over complicate stuff and worry too much, and we should make an effort to think on a simpler level to ease up on our troubles. Sugar has a real peppy snap and is a tonne of fun, and Great White Shark focuses on the importance of confidence and telling yourself to be unafraid to speak up about your conserved thoughts

This Is Where We Are is probably the rockiest of the lot with bursts of cool riffs popping up here and there while the words show that an effort is being made to dedicate time to a relationship, and Co-Optimist offers uplifting, sensitive words of care and concern in addition to a zestful rhythm and another entreating chorus. Good Looks features a tight bassline as well as some neat, distorted guitar chords late on, the accountability-centred Poor Relation is an irresistibly addictive cut that lights you up and instigates some boogieing, and they finish with yet another pleasantly heartfelt number in the form of Made Up.

Imagine I Was This Tall showcases the highly underrated Garlands at their absolute best yet, with the Glasgow indie-pop-rock group successfully jettisoning a mighty fine list of engaging tunes across the scope of this debut album, with the focal point undoubtedly being the endearing written content that more often than not lifts your spirits.

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