SMS #102 | Cartoonhead – This House Is Not A Morgue


Boxhill is a solid start with a lax lo-fi vibe to the whole thing, and the harmonies have fair pep at their apex during the enjoyable chorus, and they do well to strike an emotional pitch with the sadness of heartbreak in the lyrically sound BlondeHow To Bend is quite a catchy number with a great sprinkling of glossy guitar chords and mild bass tones, and there’s an added injection of life that comes with Fond Gaze, especially with the emphasis on the shiny high notes.

The animated energy continues to emanate in The Web We Weaved, which tackles the regret of the mistakes made trying to make a floundering relationship work and how reliance on false hope proved to be the downfall, and all these elements are carried through into Revolver, complete with perhaps the best singing we’ve seen yet. How You Leapt deals with the reluctant acceptance of letting go and being alone, whilst dealing with the self-inflicted shame of not being able to provide everything for your dearest love, and the leading acoustic work is excellent here, then they ease out with the short but nice Talk Of The Channel.

The Birmingham emo troupe present a meritable debut that begins decently and only upgrades in quality as it proceeds, primarily defined by writing which hits deep in the feels and is proficiently relayed through to the audience.

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