SMS #101 | Frenzee – Frenzee


Literally from the word go, they smash it up from 0 to 60 with Abort Mission, an energised opener with great vocals, a cracking guitar solo in its midst, and a memorable hook, and the impetus continues to run hot in Fire In My Gut with its strong rhythm and impulsive feminist lyrics about defying conceited parasites while standing tall and independent. The sound resonates with a darker and rougher tone in Backstreets, and the magnetic writing takes the spotlight with a rebellious and defiant attitude.

Frenzy is an explosively sensational banger about being overly obsessed and encompassed by an anxious desire to be validated and trying to look as good as possible as opposed to simply being your true self. In a similar topic, Sane To Insane focuses on being unsure of who you are and stuck in an unhealthy cycle to a point where you inadvertently damage your health, and Frenzee do a really good job sonically accentuating that hysteria, even right down to the repetition of the final lines.

Say It equally encourages to not leave your inner thoughts bottled up as well as not to give a f*ck about opinions from those who don’t matter in the slightest, and the belting Things I Hear epitomises the hellish endurance of being beaten down and overwhelmed by the negativity that lingers in your head and refuses to disappear.

The self-titled EP from the Greece-based Aussie punk rock trio is one of the most outstanding debuts of the past year that had me instantly fall in love, chocked with intoxicatingly electrifying thumpers heightened by avid performances and identifiable themes tackled supremely. Frenzee hold loads of promise, and I trust they’ll outdo themselves and achieve further glory in 2023.

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