SMS #100 | Canavar – Living After


The guys are red hot from the offset with Verdant Season, which they blaze through fast and furiously with tonnes of gusto behind the guitars especially, and they rack up the speed even more so with the exhilarating Living After, with the rhythm functioning at the highest of gears and ringing with bundles of force. They at last take it easy for a moment with Call To Arms, but only a moment, because they’re back on the run in no time, and the writing is good too with a plead to make public your grievances with society and use that as fuel to make a difference.

Atlas is another hefty blitz based around the ills of unnecessarily working yourself to death, which they nail well through the robust vocals, and Crocodile Tears takes aim at those blindly serving masters who only want to use and drain every last drop of others while secretly offering little in return. Television Generation swiftly (and infectiously) chronicles the manipulative distracting power of media, and the raw and rabid Razed Right has a great lead hook to sing along to.

The singing is coercively in your face in Sovereignty with this urge to think freely and independently for yourself instead of aimlessly believing everything you’ve been told, then as the solid By All Means informs, we should strive to make the most of life and not get caught up in the past and whatnot. The band ably go unplugged for Working Song, a showing for appreciation those who shine as a bright light between stress and hardships. The fine Timber is highlighted by sharp bass tones, but the energy is fully restored in the active and rebellious Turncoat, and they uphold a final examination at the frightening notion of people becoming so desensitised and even accepting of our dismantled world in the closing Machiavellian.

The thrashing punks from the south of England did a smashing job with their self-titled debut album back in 2018, and they’ve only improved with this absolutely stacked sophomore record, where they analyse a range of relatable topical matters through compellingly dynamic performances, in the end leaving you both thrilled and cultivated.

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