Fonzy & Company: Touche – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


The Kids Stay Home is an absolute belter of an opener that’s bubbling and bursting with an immensely infectious buzz. The vocals across the board are glowing and firmly committed, the guitars really help in creating a rousing rush, and the sweet chorus is unforgettable. The group keep flying on stylishly with the palpable Precious Malicious, where the riffs are once again out of this world, boasting an added aggression here, and the rhythm section are on sturdy form, plus there’s a solid and subtle ambience lingering in the early goings too.

The lyrics have been fantastic up till this point but really capture your attention in particular during the quick and snappy No Way, firing shots at those from elder generations who can’t properly understand and relate to the struggles today’s youth have to endure, and the purest of emotions are displayed at their optimal degree in the wonderful finishing tune, The Serenade.

What makes the Bristol outfit’s record so great is the genre-bending quality of it, where they are never sticking to one particular sonic route, constantly mixing it up with such a broad variety that very few other acts can match up to. Intertwined with devoted performances and engaging writing, and you have yourself a bloody superb EP.


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