SMS #65 | Bleaks – Bleaks


One blare of feedback later, we shift into the unadulterated frenzy of Break Of Day, headed by blunt, chesty singing. After having set the mood, the lads amp up it further with the purely chaotic Disgraced, featuring rigid riffs and the drumming battering out a hysteria of hammering beats in every direction. The Bleaks Theme is a catchy bobber with an undercurrent of tight bass tones vibrating throughout, eventually devolving into total carnage in the closing moments.

They blitz the senses with the breakneck Yack, then fire up the aggression even more through the deafening vocals in Wise Guy while keeping that rapid pace charging on. The combined stabbing lyrics, cool guitars and stiff rhythm of Signals are addictive as all hell, and they save the best for last with the formidable climatic belter Jolt In My Brain.

A damn fine, heavy, heart-stopping and beautifully mental debut effort from the Glasgow hardcore punk supergroup, all in all, and if they’re ever up for it, I’d happily pay to hear more.

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