SMS #63 | Me & Munich – Postponing The Past


Things get off to a pretty promising start with the rollicking and energised opener Godspeed, and they keep the flow riding high in the riff-intensive Unspoken. Out Of Luck is the strongest cut yet, mainly owed to the focused vocal work and the engaging, relatable lyrics reflecting on when it all becomes too much and you find yourself battling struggles one after another. Stimming Youth is a great, sonically catchy piece, and Keep The Pain perhaps even more so, where the guitars steal the show with plenty of sizzling exhibitions front to back.

The guys then scale it down for Shadows Unfolding which swings with a solid amount of emotional resonance, but they return to hefty form with the stellar Broken Are The Most Evolved, highlighted by an electrifying chorus, more fiercely passionate singing, and strong writing detailing how those who have been forced to suffer have a better understanding of the world compared to those who are safe and stuck in their entitled bubbles.

Wash It Away shudders with definitively thick bass tones, the memorably written Catatonic packs a rhythmic punch, and a juicy guitar-driven melody and packing drum beats assist in making Serenity a super infectious banger. They then finish stylishly with A Curse In Your Ocean, defined by the theme of letting go, thus concluding the latest record from the Danish rock outfit which successfully makes a remarkable impression and is absolutely worth checking out if you find yourself unaware of this band’s talents.

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