Katherine Aly: Shadows Are Made Of Light Too – SMALL MUSIC SCENE


Immediate interest is sparked as soon as Glow & Ignite kicks off, which is from bell to bell a wonderfully radiant and vivacious song in every regard that couldn’t possibly not get you smiling. The swaying dazzler Pariah has a darker and more emotional flow to it, with Katherine’s beautiful voice carrying that weight through efficiently.

The levels of passion featured in Never Giving Up On You are insurmountable, with much love and care bubbling behind the lyrics, and Katherine giving 110% conviction and dedication in her incredible performance, mainly during the exceptional chorus, and she continues to display more of that warmth and tenderness through the synth-drenched Hey Girl, emphasising that it’s perfectly fine to suffer a negative day now and again, and that you can get back on your feet and start afresh tomorrow.

The short and sweet Hype Up is so bright and catchy, with Katherine’s broad vocal range being truly displayed here. Maybe In Another Life not only features some contagious harmony hooks but also effectively captures that longing for how things could have turned out better under different circumstances. Rules is glisteningly spectral in nature and has a vividly magnetic pull to it, and the record comes to a rousing close with the utterly sweeping and fired up Butterflies.

The Edinburgh alt-pop queen had quite a task to accomplish with her debut album; naturally her biggest release to date; but she has blown me sideways, coming through with a valiant and phenomenally devoted effort, undoubtedly cementing her as a hot new sensation in the Scottish scene, if she isn’t considered as such already.

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