SMS #62 | Nimbus Sextet – Forward Thinker


High Time is a freaking infectious ditty where the brass section strut their stuff in an effective manner, crafting a melody that has you swinging, and Charlotte De Graaf’s fresh vocals add another level to the already great music.

The titular piece follows, and as you listen, you’ll find your body shaking and shimmying beyond your control, courtesy of the insanely addictive and engaging rhythm. The guitar and bass work throughout is slick, and both the keys and sax thoroughly impress when given the spotlight.

Woodview provides a nice reprieve after that fun frenzy, and it transitions damn perfectly into Another Place, which is a cool and composed number that gets you sinking back deep into your chair while you are serenaded by the satisfyingly polished horns, before climbing up into another buzz towards the end.

Search For Solace is mainly defined by the sweet pianos and creates a particular mood that sparks that image of a cosy, intimate bar in some tucked away urban corner of New York. From The Shadows is a similarly pleasing sonic affair, then the group bring the juice one last time for the electrifying To The Light.

The newest album from the Scottish jazz ensemble is a stellar sensation, forming refined atmospheres in the low-key songs while cranking up the energy through the entertainingly high-octane sweeping cuts.

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