SMS #61 | Vanives – Thanks


Love Like I’m Falling eases in super smoothly with a loose atmosphere forged in the process, which is further hoisted by the incredibly eloquent vocals that get you absorbed right from the off. Babyshowers rings with some subtle R&B influences, and the thoughtful lyrics are provocatively latching; a trend that continues into the emotionally rich and sonically cool Old Names.

The dual performances of Birds are magnetic as all hell and have you totally frozen in a focused state as each half tell their side of the solemn story. Finn, as brief as it is, serves as an intriguing intermission, then the heat begins to pick up with Just Draw Daisies and its dapper beats, and it also exits to a neat outro.

The chorus of Basic Love has you flourishing in waves of euphoric ecstasy, and Cola indulges in a trip of nostalgia. Arc Of The Moment bursts with a gracefully grand scope at its highest heights, the mainly acoustic Bardennoch is a great reflection of self-doubt and that awful perception of seeming worthless, and Nothing caps the record off on a powerful and enveloping note.

The duo’s debut album is something awaited for so long by myself and I’m sure much of the Scottish music community, and Stuart and Roan have outdone themselves. The writing taking into consideration the hardships of love and the importance of life choices make this their most mature and antiquated release to date without a doubt, plus the production standards are also ace and play a major part in the investment factor.

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