SMS #60 | Odia – Prize Fighter


Into The Light is an incredibly stunning opener that creates this vivid, wide-open sound brought to a grand life primarily through cinematic-level strings and lovely vocalising. Next is the title track, and there are seriously not enough words to give it justice, but in the fewest that can be possibly mustered, it’s a dynamic, epic piece with an unbelievably sensational energy that generates a blistering excitement. The piano/fiddle melodies are addictive, the rocking guitars are so cool, and the electronica-influenced synths intermixed with the pipes are stupendously sweeping. Not only the highlight of this record, but a considerable candidate for the best single of the entire year altogether.

The Bothaneers commences relatively smoothly with a nice Celtic air but steadily elevates into another appealing and catchy piece, and Meilleurs Jours is calmly mind-easing while regularly brightened up and radiant keys. The irresistible basslines lead on the borderline-funky rhythm of Prega Amore Mio, and the gentle singing is wonderful too. Papillon blossoms with a lot of positive life and urges you to find the nearest ceilidh hall in order to let loose your contained hysteria, The Priory provokes similar feelings with its elating buzz, Phaelon is dripping in a lucidly spectral atmosphere, and the nifty electronically-infused Goodnight Rachel makes for a very solid and worthy conclusion to the lot.

The Scottish-French-Malaysian world music fusion have come together to produce one of the very best, if not THE best, releases you will bear witness to from the genre in 2022, and people shouldn’t dare pass on it if given the opportunity. It’s a satisfying listen through and through, and at its peak, as already touched upon, it’s a spectacular experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon.


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