SMS #56 | The Abyss Inside Us – City Lights


The eponymous track itself starts us off, and it’s a terrific piece that sparks imagery of the night-time city in your head, with a mysterious noir-esque atmosphere created from the smooth and highly relaxing slow jazz instruments; cool bass notes, shimmering cymbals, sleek pianos, and a dash of delicate sax.

Passers-By slips a little more into an ambient post-rock tone familiarly associated with the Abyss Inside Us brand, featuring a combo of various, engagingly mild guitar chords accompanied by occasional eerie whooshes of noise lingering in the background, and lastly is the sweet and brisk Highway Night Drive which dons such an infectiously hip rhythm mainly coming courtesy of the slick drumming.

Nikos Togkaridis, the man behind the project, first came to my attention last year with the enjoyable What Words Can’t Say EP, and he’s impressed again here, where I appreciate not only his skilful talents, but his willingness and desire to spread his wings and jump into an diverse array of styles.

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