SMS #57 | Deepshade – Gloaming


Things are off to a fresh and electric start with Eat My Dust, where the grunge influences come through hot in the sweet riffs and thundering bass tones, and the whole thing has an infectious buzz to it. Next up is the real cool Mountain, which enraptures with entertaining, vivid lyrics, enlightened by the equally fascinating vocals, and there’s both nice drumming and a mighty fine sax-drenched atmosphere throughout.

Life Is Beauty is a quality banger that is utterly catchy and addictive, with the guitars in particularly punching up the energy to a fun, rocking intensity that’ll definitely get you boogieing along without a care in the world. The raving ride keeps on going in the very solid The Wolf, and lastly we arrive at the title track, which can be likened to an exotic and highly satisfying psychedelic trip.

Gloaming is a smashing output from the well-tenured Wigan stoner outfit, who deliver exactly the kind of stuff you want from the genre they inhabit. Each song stands out distinctly, and they’re able to nail whatever mood they seek to create, be it heavy and dynamic, or loose and kaleidoscopic.

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