SMS #58 | Album Club – Album Club


Make No Bets sets the scene incredibly nicely, being a gentle, laidback piece with nice lyrics and so much warmth behind the dual harmonies; contrastingly, The Hard Part has a fervid, enthusiastically loaded punch to it which makes for an utterly rousing and catchy track, and Different Hours features some breezy accordions and pleasing guitar work throughout.

The writing of the tender Transmissions From The Moon elegantly and creatively encapsulates that longing for your loved one far away. Similarly speaking, Fragile And Frail wraps around you in a safe veil of comfort, and Leave Me Singing flows to a fulfilling beat while shining with a great chorus. Suddenly, Walls swerves down a different path, with a neat hodgepodge of strings, electronics, spoken word and lots more in a compelling two minute space.

Night Owls gleams with a mesmerising ambient mood, Never Sleep Alone is effectively descriptive with plenty of pictures vividly popping in your head of the moments being disclosed, and finally When You’re Ready once again displays a strong sense of loving and caring that couldn’t possibly light up a smile from the listener.

The Glaswegian outfit have been quite successful in producing a solid debut record which is capable in conveying interesting storytelling, expressing appealing affection and cultivating engaging sonic atmospheres.

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