SMS #54 | Sea Glass – Elevator Chat


The opening namesake piece sparks instant magic with a stunningly wistful aura that is pure bliss to the ears, and the velvety harmonies play a major factor in creating the lovable sound. The synths of Queen Of Hearts are indescribably cheerful and luminous in tone, the lyrics are great, and the melody is ridiculously infective and full of life.

New Romans has a calmer, more chilled out vibe to it, but one that’s still so absorbing, and the guitar chords are nicely implemented. Misty Boyce heads the dreamy, acoustically rich and bass-flavoured Razor Bones with a beautifully arresting singing display, and the wholesomely romantic words of Asleep help make it an ideal, positive-affirming way to see us out.

The 2nd EP from the Brooklyn producer is an excellent slice of joy, with he and his similarly talented associates assembling a sweet bundle of numbers that get you smiling like an absolutely fool in an irresistible bout of contentment.

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