SMS #51 | Grawl!x – Spring


Hopelessness is a tip-top opener across the board. Instrumentally speaking, we get a tight mixture of sparkly synths, serene riffs and a good beat producing an infectiously engaging tune which is also led by meaningful words and a sublime vocal performance. Nine Ladies in contrast radiates with a gentler nature, shimmying along at a mellower tempo while eliciting a beautifully easing atmosphere.

And speaking of atmosphere, Taraa is wholly ripe with that vibe, being a spine-chilling number that is totally reeled back with not much more than divine piano keys to begin with before growing in scale, all while the blissful harmonies thoroughly impress, then Spring itself glints and gleams with a subtly chipper gusto in the first half before transforming into a dreamlike state, and the lyrics showcase a sense of loving and caring, being wary of the knowledge that the selfless route will be the correct one.

A worthy follow-up to 2020’s Peeps, this is a magical EP that is both musically wistful and incredibly attentive and thoughtful in its writing, leading to highly charming results.

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