SMS #52 | Ariel Rose – In Paraiso


Let Me Go makes for an entertaining starter, where Ariel’s great on vocal duties, the lyrics are quite memorable, and sonically it’s a tonne of fun; the beat is cool, the trumpets are simply delish, and there’s even a hint of R&B lurking in there, plus big shout to LORS on his top-notch verses.

En El Paraiso is infectious as all heck and relates well to anybody who just wants to escape the tedious grind and chill on their own terms for a while. It’s impossible not to shake your hips to the freakishly catchy continental tune Atrapada, and as you’d probably expect, Your Lovin’ is a pleasantly cute and romantic cut that has you exiting with a grin on your face.

Miami artist Ariel Rose provides a blast of love and bubbly positivity in this sweet and savoury Latin-pop record that only the most cynical of folks couldn’t possibly garner some form of enjoyment from, and it wouldn’t be out of place in the mainstream charts; if anything, Ariel deserves to take her spot on there with such pleasurable content like this.

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