SMS #50 | Aibai – Disconnected


Higher opens with a showering of bright notes before sparking a pleasingly florid mood through colourful guitar chords and a tight beat, plus the faint vocals are a nice added touch. The title track begins with a stunning ambient vibe, then gets a pulse going that is both catchy and also so chilled and laid-back, draining your head of any negative thoughts as it advances.

Peaches is a deliciously fluorescent lo-fi anthem that has your body weaving along, while featuring some amiable singing, and the final song Gone satisfies in a similar fashion, with an extra peppy vibe and punch to the rhythm this time around.

The Minneapolis electronic musician’s latest EP is nothing short of a rewarding experience. While not necessarily the most advanced and complex of records, the tunes are adeptly produced and effortlessly put you into a positive and vibrant state of mind.

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