SMS #47 | Polly – Slump


The guys get your attention nicely with the opening Is This It and it’s cool, solid rhythm; Just Ask Me follows suit, initially in a sleek, easy-going manner but steadily elevating and amplifying as it proceeds, wrapping up with a darn fine guitar solo.

Sick Of The Man is where things get serious though, as a more absolute energy becomes present, urging you to bob your head and stamp your feet along in twine, and then eventually just explode into a frenzy altogether.

A valiant singing performance is the key driving force of the catchy and lyrically engaging Boy, Girl, and the chorus of 8-Track rocks satisfyingly hard, but then the buzz is tuned down for the utterly mesmirising Dyawannarun, where the singing is soft and magnetic, and the instrumentals equally absorbing.

Fresh off that, they ease their way back up into the mildly fluent No Man, and the writing continues to gauge firm interest through Project 23 in between the sublimely sleek riffs on the go.

Then we get a return to the high-octane stuff with Slump, which trots to an infectious jumping bassline and is headed by cracking guitar work and impassioned blaring yells when it reaches its pinnacle, and Let’s Grab A Drink serves as a splendid, captivating finish.

All in all, the Edinburgh quartet have churned out positive results with their debut album. It’s not a perfect package, but when it’s great, it’s really damn great, with a pick of particular songs sure to get the replay treatment for the foreseeable future, and it’s a safe bet that Polly will only get better from here on out.

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