SMS #46 | Megalomatic – The Benbecula Tree


The ringing siren of Theme immediately induces curiosity and interest as the trio build and build the anticipation until bursting into a storm of noise which in turn seamlessly transitions into the mighty Anniversaries, slaying with stonking guitar and bass tones, avid beats, and a smashing chorus, and we get more of those tasty qualities in the follow-up Disclaimer, with extra emphasis on the impressively hefty vocal chops.

The Temples Of Small Gods imposes with a formidable scale while also captivating with its writing, and just as resonant, if not even more so, is the most recent single, Red-Eyed Rabbit, which is about as epic as it comes, crushing with a perpetual driving force from beginning to end while the guys perform at their absolute apexes, and if that wasn’t enough, the lyrics are damn memorable and contagious too.

After a much needed intermission with Etch, the band return to business as usual with the sweet Varying Degrees Of Everything, especially when it properly gets going in the second half, then A Burst Of Three is defined by more great singing, engaging words and a constantly heightening power.

After reeling wholly back with the muted and mystifying Sketch, they perfectly flow through into A New Pair Of I’s, a fast and furious banger of overwhelmingly exhilarating proportions, and to end matters is Every Colour Of The Peacock’s Tail, a thoroughly engrossing 10 minute number that regular switches gears through a multitude of styles, but never struggles in maintaining interest along the way.

I’ve known Megalomatic for the better part of the previous decade, and through all the plasmafia conspiracies, the midnight sasquatch hunts and the symbolism, I’ve witnessed them continuously grow and develop both as people and as musicians, and now with this long-awaited debut album, I have to say I’m extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished.

The Benbecula Tree is a hell of a colossal, thrilling progressive rock record that takes you on a sweeping journey with various twists and turns throughout, and no matter how many times I listen to it, it never fails to take the breath away and get me into a space of total, unadulterated hype.

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