SMS #48 | Cade Hoppe – Everything That’s Wrong With You


Straight out of the gates, Cade is on killer form in the fantastic and catchy opening titular track; his vocals are smooth and slick, and the lyrics are very strong, striking back at a toxic heel who is trapped in this unhealthy obsession with trying to cause a rift and make him look like a bad person. Heart Safe is very similar in that regard, as Cade stands his ground and strives to protect his loved one from their ex who had wounded them in the past, and the believability rings well and true behind his voice and words.

Hurts features an infectious beat and a dazzling pair-up of synths and guitar chords while reflecting on the pain of loss and heartbreak, Cade then delivers yet another forthright and all-consuming performance in the quieter Don’t Watch Me, where you indeed sympathise with and maybe even relate to his doubts and generally negative state of mind, and lastly Morphine discloses that push to recover but unfortunately it still comes with its difficulties, including a reliance on drugs and that fear of being open about bottled up feelings.

Not long after his memorable debut late last year, the New York pop artist has doubled down and impressed yet again with an incredible sophomore EP that sees him stripping his emotions down to the barest of bones, exposing them for the world to see, and he’s insanely effective at pulling the listener into his issues and problems without it ever coming across as forced or illegitimate, and thus creating a firmly deep impact in the long term.

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