SMS #42 | Lucky Number You – Aftercare


The fresh new Birmingham trio have made a staggering impression with their debut album characterised by an indie pop sound screaming with such strong tropical vibes that make this a quintessential pick for your summer playlist. It’s fluorescent, perky, and just fills you up with swells of glee sure-fire to enhance your serotonin levels. The performances are on point throughout, made up of glossy harmonies, class guitar chords, sweet flowing rhythms, flashy synths, countless excellent hooks, and an array of memorable choruses.

The writing can be quite good too, sweeping a variety of different topics effectively; being fearful of the world and the mental state it is in, the value of being somebody’s ray of light through dark periods, the added anxieties and weariness that comes with growing older, and questioning the loyalty of those you once thought to be dependable.

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