SMS #43 | Demi McMahon – Rainbow Remedy


The album begins fashionably with Sheep, a relatively smooth-running opener with Demi through the lyrics effectively airing her grievances over obvious liars and time wasters, then I Know features such a sweet synth melody worthy of dancing along to while conveying well that want to provide comfort when others find themselves in a struggle.

The piano work of Party is great and helps give the song an enticing theatrical quality of sorts, capping off with a pleasing wee vocal scat from Demi in the finishing moments, and Flames is a solid piece pushed by a fine guitar line. Baby Steps is a perfect example of Demi’s speciality – beautiful songs that warm your heart with a wholesome message, and this one certainly inspires the listener to take a moment to ease and not feel guilty about taking all the time they need to achieve whatever goals or ambitions they have set for themselves.

To Be Free, naturally, shows Demi losing her patience with somebody who isn’t worth it and vying to find a much needed lone sense of individuality in life. Don’t Forget About The Reggae has a decent flow and kick to it, then the buzz undoubtedly picks up with the pure bopper Think Twice and its fantastically catchy chorus. Material Things rings with contagious vibes in its own right all while Demi exhibits via emphatic singing displays that humanity and honesty beat out physical riches and pretentious egos like any day of the week.

Heart Of Gold is a brilliantly compelling ballad resonating with currents of emotions and a raw purity, and Time’s A Healer is yet another entry in the line of affectionate cuts and also another with a latching lead hook. In the highly touching and immensely heartfelt Loved And Lost, Demi takes a moment to reflect on the kind souls no longer with us and how close they will always stay in our hearts and memories forever, and finally, she concludes with the merry and motivational electronic piece, Try.

A proper full-blown record from the famed Dundee singer is something that’s been on the cards for god knows how long by this point, but now it’s here at last, and it’s simply wonderful. Demi McMahon goes all in through the range of tunes on hand with a little bit of everything stylistically speaking without running dry or becoming too repetitive, which is impressive considering how stacked and loaded of a tracklist we have here, but the two most important ingredients without a doubt are her genuine character and bona fide honest writing, which creates a well-earned huge degree of charm and respect, and in turn a drawing power making for an overall splendid album courtesy of the red-headed dazzler.

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