SMS #39 | Abbacaxi – Endless


Thomas slides into a groove quickly and efficiently with the great title number, which is paced along through a sleek electronica melody, and the lead hook is easy to latch onto and even fun to trill along to if you care to do so, but it only gets better with The Pageant, hands down the best of the bunch, with its juicy bassline and ungodly catchy chorus spawned from the gladdening high-pitch harmony effects.

You Took My Love sparks some fresh incandescent vibes with a dreamy sound that makes you feel like you’re walking on air, and the house influences gleam stronger in the similarly intangible More Than I Need featuring the best vocal work yet. Move Me adds some offbeat sonic warps into the mix, and lastly I Think You’re Gonna Make It is presented as a solid and riveting banger to end things on a positive note.

Dublin artist Thomas Garnett has gotten his Abbacaxi project off to a top notch start with an altogether rad debut EP that blends the finest elements of several subdivisions encompassing electronic music, and I’m already hungry for whatever else he has to offer in the future.

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