SMS #38 | Able Faces – Without You


The One I’m Missing is a premium starting point, highlighted by quality writing tapping into the conflicting feelings that emerge when splitting with a loved one. Sonically, there’s punches of cracking synth bops and strong harmonies, and the duo keep it relatively subdued and held back before they eventually totally let loose and drop into a catchy chorus. Next with Need You Tonight, the vocal effects are neat, an assimilation of nice beats and claps lead the rhythm, and there’s generally this cool, smooth, glimmering sensation in the air.

The adoring and affectionate words of Something About You make an impressionable result, and with the singing at peak level along the way, they once again do a great job building up to a smashing high, with an extra sprinkling of horns adding even more flavour, and then afterwards they race to a glorious finish with the ravishing, all-in title track.

Year upon year of building hype has ultimately led to a successful debut right here for the McNeilage brothers, with Jack and Mark making a killing with four seriously infectious, freshly-produced pop bangers that generate smiles and buzz galore.

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