After months of accumulated hype, the Corby hip-hop pair deliver all the goods in one of the most outstanding EPs of the entire year.

Through a series of unforgettable, instantly cinching bangers, they confidently believe in their opinions as they encourage everybody to step up and rebel to make a difference to the outdated system that our society’s been bogged down by for way too long.


It’s a hat trick for the Isle Of Wight’s finest rising act, with the quartet’s third EP once again raising the bar and setting a new standard of quality, as notable through the batch of proper rocking cuts complete with seriously supreme vocal work, a dynamic sonic punch, and easily their sharpest writing to date branching from the suffering of vilifying mind games to the anxiety of overthinking.


Well, it took a while, but the Glasgow boys have finally pushed out their debut EP, and it has exceeded expectations with a bloody excellent array of tunes brimming with a lively kick, strong harmonies, sterling guitar work, catchy rhythms, enjoyable writing and juicy choruses.

Pandas were once just another welcome addition to an immensely jam-packed scene, but after this cracking release, now we have a promising prospect on our hands here, perhaps destined to lead the future on Scottish indie rock…


It’s been far too long, but the Northern Irish rockers have returned with a hell of a superb comeback record, with the guys visibly engrossed in their performances, a perpetual energy buzzing between practically every track in some shape or form, a draft of sensational choruses, and barely any weaknesses or faults worth noting.


Here we have ourselves a delightfully fun record from the Norwegian pop-rock troupe, and while maybe bogged down by a few too many tracks, they still remain successful in keeping your interest through fun hooks and a constant changing of styles; at one moment, pacing through these soft melodic flows, the next charging with awesomely mad energetic flurries.


The debut full-length album from the Philadelphia punks is a reliable effort where there’s generally an active pulse on hand, plenty of sincerity in the singing, the lyrics gauge interest with little difficulty, and there’s more than enough headbang-worthy tracks to wet the whistle, with specific stellar cuts such as Animal, Too High To Cry and I Wanna Die Alone being worth the asking price alone.


What makes this EP so great is that Louis is such an effective storyteller; in fact, right up there as one of the best in the Scottish scene, honestly. He paints these vivid pictures of nostalgia’s past, and in doing so, you the listener find yourself transported to these settings and scenarios being described to you. Any artist capable of that is somebody special, and Louis Rive is a name deserving of more recognition.


The “queertopia” brand innovator’s main goal with this record, and their music as a whole, is to create content that makes people happy and all positive inside and out, which seems like such a simple concept, but at the end of the day, not all good music necessarily stems from how deep or complex it is.

As is, they thoroughly accomplish that mission with some mighty fun R&B-peppered electronic pop numbers that, with such ease, ignite that urge to get up and shake your stuff in a wave of infectious amusement, plus having the input of fellow talents such as the iconic Tafari Anthony is certainly a big bonus.

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